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ISDS Director 


Updated 05/2020

My third term as one of the Welsh Directorate will have taken a total 9 years involvement within the ISDS.

My initial application for Director in 2014 was for the welfare of the brood bitch and unweaned pups, this I champion with all my heart to raise awareness.

This society known as the International Sheepdog Society.  The main objective of this society  shall be to promote and foster within and throughout England and the Channel Islands, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Isle of Man, and such other countries as may seen desirable or necessary, the breeding, training and improvement in the interests and for the  welfare or benefit of the community of the breeds or strains of sheep dogs, to secure the better management of stock by improving the shepherd's dog.

Updated 12/2015
My involvement as a Director within the International Sheepdog Society would be to suggest to raise the level of consciousness further to members about worming and nutrition for brood bitches and their unweaned pups.
A letter submitted in October 2015 to Mrs Judith Sheen, Chief Executive of the ISDS Society with a guideline to husbandry,  requesting an inclusion in the puppy folder.  This will be presented to the Stud Book Council in January 2016 for their decision.

Directors Annual meeting in Kendall, Cumbria on 29.1.17

I am delighted to have been informed by a member of the council that my representation for an inclusion in the puppy folder on worming guidelines for bitches and unweaned pups has been endorsed. 
This is to raise awareness on the importance of worming prior, during and post whelping.


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Mrs J Rees-Denman
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