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Our passion for our Border Collies is all
consuming it is in fact our life!.
From the moment I had my first sheepdog
pup bought for me by my husband to introduce
me into the world of working sheepdogs in trials, 
I was hooked on these incredibly intelligent dogs.
Gareth enjoying the competitive sheepdog trials 
and I initially took part but my real interest was
Our fabulous Ffan isds 259647  our foundation
for our Denwyn prefix.  A small formidable bitch
fast and intelligent with the most fabulous
temperament.  A daughter of Ian Brownlie’s
Meg 215003 an excellent brood bitch that bred
countless champions.
We have over many years introduced new lines
that are successful in sheepdog trials.  With ISDS 
Open Class winners competing both here in the UK
and Europe.


Welfare of our dogs and pups is paramount and we 
Genetically test for Cea/ CH & ophthalmic test for PRA.  
We have also introduced further genetic testing
relevant for the breed which I believe is the way forward
to continue to breed healthy dogs.



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