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Denwyn Mac (Denwyn Border Collies)
I know some of my facebook friends like to hear about him and how we manage to do what we do. I thought I'd do a mini blog for those interested.

Training on Sunday was hard. But you know what, it was a bloody good hard.
As a team we just didnt get the right obstacles in the right order. Instead of going home deflated we went home buzzing. For me thats the sign of having a great coach 
Pamela Keith
We chatted about what was going on.
1. We have done an amazing job of transfering value to weaves. So much so its now his default obstacle.
2. Although Mac looks at me less he is very aware of where I am.
3. There is a limit to the distance at which he can be from me and be comfortable and therefore able to work.
4. We've maybe put too much work into reigning in the tunnel (over)drive.
5. There is running and then there is running, tis the later which is required. 🤣
So instead of being dishearted that all my home work for weaves isnt enough, I am buzzing with all the information the session has given me.
So much home work, I could easily be overwhelmed by it or I can embrace it as fun time with my amazing buddy.
We started our new homework exercises yesterday and I started at the point I thought he would be successful. I was wrong but thats ok. Its information so we will go back a stage further and cement our understanding of cues.
I read a blog by Denise Fenzi before christmas about how in dog sports we test too quickly, thats all thats going on here, we need to do more training to cement the understanding of our cues.
This boy pushes my training skills and I'm loving it. 
Claire Staines you've got me hooked.
He might not have ears that work and I cant speak bark but we both listen and thats communication.

Written by Jill Davidson.

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