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Photographer Mrs Susan Francis based in Cheshire is our main sponsor at our kennels.

Susan herself an owner of several working ISDS Border Collies can capture these dynamic canines in the style and movements that are unique to working dogs.


Her spectacular photographs are featured throughout the site. 

Follow Susan's journey throughout this page.


 An aspiring animal photographer Susan captures 

   dynamic motion shots also capable of producing

evocative still photographs.




 Susan has been mentored by award winning wildlife 

photographer Sue Flood the author of Cold Places also

renowned photographer Caroline Bridgers whose

 photographs are synonymous within the world of Crufts


The International Sheepdog Society www.isds.org  features a collection of Susan’s photographs found in their Gallery. 


Our website heavily features photos kindly commissioned and donated by Susan which can be viewed throughout this site.

To book an appointment with Susan for photographs/training contact details below.  

Email: suefranny43@hotmail.co.uk
Mobile: 07923103431



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